The EDCD brand originates from London, England, and is a shoe brand that combines outdoor activities with healthy walking. It was founded by designer Jacky in 1979 based on his passion for sports shoes, which led to the creation of the brand. The minimalist casual style combined with a focus on foot comfort served as the leading design inspiration. Through clever use of various functional materials and clean lines, and with an exacting attention to detail, the shoes were created to be simple, pure, brightly colored and stylish, making them well-suited to embody the individual characteristics of the wearer while also establishing the brand's unique identity. EDCD has always been praised by the fashion industry for its sophisticated design, stylish and versatile styles, high-quality materials, and exquisite craftsmanship. With headquarters in London, England, EDCD entered the Chinese market in the Asia-Pacific region in 2019 as its first stop.

The values of Aigou are to respect tradition, advocate innovation, pursue excellence, dedicate love and care, and be full of passion. We respect diversity and focus on building and maintaining strong and positive relationships with colleagues, partners, and customers.

Innovation is the cornerstone of Aigou’s business. We constantly discard the old and establish the new, continuously improving the shoe and leather industry. For us, innovation means setting new standards.

Our products are loyal to nature and loyal to materials. We adhere to the concept of environmentally friendly leather production, striving to maintain the natural attributes of leather while being environmentally friendly and harmless.